Latest: Houston Texas Bus Crash Injuring 32

Houston Tx Bus Crash – June 1st 2016

Multiple injuries reported at 2000 block of Runnels St., where the bus crashed into a truck and a traffic sign. The METRO police, Houston police, and the Houston Fire Department responded to the accident responded to the scene where Houston Fire Department reports 28 people were transported to a nearby hospital, with one person listed in critical condition. Aerial images from the scene showed the bus with severe damage to the front next to an overhead highway sign. A pickup truck was also involved in the crash. The bus driver is female according to a Metro spokesperson and said more information was not immediately available about her driving record.  Information as to the cause of the accident states that a vehicle failed to yield to oncoming traffic.

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Laredo Bus Accident – May 14, 2016

On May 14, 2016 at approximately 1:00 pm local time, a bus bound for a casino rolled over, killing eight of its passengers and injuring another 44 severely enough that they had to be taken to a nearby hospital. The accident occurred in Webb County, Texas near the city of Laredo and on a stretch of Highway 83 just miles north of the Mexican border. The charter bus was its way to the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel in the city of Eagle Pass from San Juan, Texas. Near the Rio Grande Valley is when the driver allegedly lost control of the bus and caused it to rollover.

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Charter Bus Company had a History of Maintenance Problems

The charter bus was owned by OGA Charters located in San Juan, Texas whose tag line is “let’s have a safe trip.” On two different occasions last year, it had been ordered by Louisiana state inspectors to take one of its buses off the road due to brake and emergency exit issues. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records, regulators also ordered OGA Charters to remove a bus in May of last year for brake issues and again in August of the same year as the issue persisted.

It is also not known if and what actions were taken by OGA Charters to address these issues on all of their vehicles. The Motor Carrier Safety Administration had given the company a “satisfactory” rating in 2014. The company had reported no crashes for over two years prior to this one, but inspections during that time period had found a total of 15 violations that ranged from driver records to hours spent on the road to vehicle maintenance issues.

A May 2015 inspection conducted in Louisiana reported brake connections with leaks, a discolored windshield, and problems with the automatic brake system. This bus was put out of service due to the fact that at least 20 percent of its brakes were considered defective.

Another inspection conducted in Louisiana only four months later found more general brake issues, cited some of the same problems as above, as well as an issue with the emergency exit. This report also cited a discoloration in the windshield, and the bus was ordered out of service. It is not known if the bus involved in the crash last week are the ones cited for violations or not.

The rate of violations for hours of service for OGA Charters was marked as a problem area by federal regulators.

Official Investigation Into the Laredo Bus Accident

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators arrived in Laredo the day after the accident in order to try to determine a cause of the crash. NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway said it could take months to complete. The NTSB also stated it would look at the operations of OGA Charters as part of its investigation and has put in a request for maintenance and inspection.

More Details on the Accident

  • There were 51 people on the charter bus including the driver.
  • Seven of them died at the scene, with another dying at the hospital.
  • Seven of the deaths were women, one was a man. The ages ranged from 52 to 81 years old.
  • The driver was not killed in the accident.
  • A DPS trooper reported that the charter bus rolled over three times.
  • A victim reported bodies flying out of the windows of the charter bus.
  • No other vehicles were involved in the accident.
  • The weather had been rainy, and the slick ground is thought to have played a part in the accident.
  • OGA Charters had been fined three times in the past to the tune of thousands of dollars for past safety violations.
  • OGA Charters carries $5,000,000 liability insurance in each of their vehicles and is licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • The Laredo Charter Bus Rollover is one of the deadliest bus accidents in Texas in the past several years.

Help for the Victims of the Laredo Charter Bus Rollover :

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